Experimenting Braids

So braids are the hairstyle that just has no age; our mum's would make them for school, soccer practice and as we grow we ourselves braid our hair on horrid hair days or when we are just lazy. Braids aren't just that to-go-to hairstyle; they are a world of their own, with twists and twirls we might never be able to master (unless we are hairstylists or something)!

Do you braid??

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when i was younger my mother used to braid my hair when going to school. i really miss those days :D

These look really cool!

I don't braid but I'd love to....

oooooo PRETTY!I love braids. too bad i chopped off all my hair

Bright Green Laces

omg!super cute!!love them=)
kisses pretty and have a nice week=)

I really love your blog... Nice outfits and posts...

I´ll now follow your block. Hope we can follow each other!
Have a nice evening =)

i love love love your blog !
pretty cool :D come and visit my blog
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have a nice day (Ryan)

I love the braided look! I really wish that I had hairstyling talent because I would so steal this.
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Fashion Cat

i love braiding!!!
amazing pics!!!

you just don't know how much i love braids!!!!!! i think a little braid is the best accessory you can wear :) #3 & #4 are GORGEOUS!

i fell in love with your blog, so i'm your new follower!


That's so cool, but there is so way I could get my hair like that!
Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

Opa tudo bem??
obrigada pela visita ao meu blog, já te sigo tbm.. Assim que der, comentarei com mais freqüência, estes dias ando adoentada.

Amazing I would love to be able to do my hair like that. Thank you so much for your lovely comment xx

they all look great love how many different things you can do with a braid!

wow these are very cool! Happy I have long hair so I can try these!


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Gorgeous braids - all of these are very unique!

I am enthralled with these hairdos! (I know I couldn't possibly recreate them, but they're amazing to look at.)

wow this heart shaped braids are so gorgous and perfect for valentines day;)
love and kiss,mary

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