Miu Miu Ad with Hailee Steinfeld Pulled??

UK’s Advertising Standard Agency (ASA) is pulling Miu Miu's ad from media in the UK because it's “irresponsible because it depicted a child in an unsafe location,” according to The Telegraph.
I understand the Dakota & Marc Jacobs add to be pulled out and censored but this is just too much!

What do you think?

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It is plain stupid. Over the top. These people should find something better to do.
To be honest I didnt look at this girl and think oh no she is too young to be on a train track. I doubt many others will either, despite the age!

Great ideas for fashion and style.

great blog! I follow you, follow me back? I've seen the latest H & M's S / S 2012 collection at the showroom of Zurich, on my blog you can see the exclusive first pictures!

That is ridiculous then they would really not like my photo shoot

i do get their point of view. but still its a bit strange. the shot is beautiful.

it's always something... its ART, get with it people. (-:

I don't understand why they want to censure it, if it's only a picture!


That is just ridiculous! Doesn't make any sense. Thank you for your nice comment xoxo

A huge nonsense.. I mean the main thing is the clothing/fashion?
I have spotted so many fashionbloggers with their OOTD's on trainrails! I think it's artistic.

People are thinking way to negative and persimistic about things.
Be optimistic!


I dont think its a great idea at all, how come they did this ?!! Nice post btw...

what a darling shoot <3

x jamie

I think that is just madness!!


I think it's a great fashion shot and it looks like an unused railway track. If she was riding a motorcycle without a helmet or doing handstands on a bridge railing then I'd understand. She seems perfectly safe and perfectly styled to me.:)

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