Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday is just around the corner and we are all tallying up our savings and breaking up our piggy banks to get our loved ones their presents for the holiday season - or that's just an excuse to go shopping on the busiest day of the year.

If you don't want to have a horrid experience when shopping for your goodies; you better read these few tips on how to make Black Friday work for you.

Make a List - in advanced, write down all the names of those you're planning on shopping for and ideas of presents, that way you don't waste time browsing around and missing up on deals.

Bring a Friend - Yup, it's all about diversifying. You shop around for you and your friend's list, while your girlfriend waits in line. Make sure to alternate roles to share the shopping fun. Less time in a store = more time to cover more stores.

Dress Comfy & Bring Munchies - Forget about wearing Versace for H&M's dress and heels to shop on Black Friday; you'll get them ruined with all the pushing, shoving and stomping people will be doing. Make sure to dress in comfortable shoes, jeans and a jacket to scare away the cold of long waiting hours. Bring some water and something to snack on so you don't have to rush to the food court and miss out on deals.

Use your Apps! - If you have an Android phone, make sure to use the Black Friday Survival Guide App (just search for it in the Market) for the latest deals; and if you have an iPhone, the Black Friday Deal Finder will help you find deals for the items on your wishlist.

Are you shopping this Black Friday??

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hahaha ok I'll definitely follow your tips!!!!

Thanks for passing and comment in my blog!
Love your post!


Great tips!!! I should make a list now:)

Fashion Cat

amazing tips! I always dress comfortable clothing when I shop, its more relaxing when you roam anywhere :D

thanks for comment in my blog!
i love your blog!
i follow you, follow me
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I like you blog! is very interesting!

Thank for comment in my blog!

Kisses from ♥ La ropa me vuelve loca!

esta genial este post!!que gracia jeje..;)
besitos guapa y feliz semana!

Yaaay for Black Friday :D
Definetly wearing something comfy.. prefering: sweatpants & knitwear top! Because shopping is a hell of a sport haha..


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