Asos Petite Line

Fashion forward Asos now has a new line for us gals that are 5'3'' and under: Asos Petite.
From lovely sweaters to dresses to that dreamy pair of jeans; Asos
has managed to put together quite a collection for the petite girl.
Although prices are a tad high for most pieces, you can still find loads of lovelies at the clearance section.

Shop Asos Petite HERE!

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Hurrah I'm so pleased they've launched a petite collection, I hate it when a dress that's meant to be knee length is falling past my knees or when I have to get things hemmed! This is the perfect solution! x

I am estatic about their petite line too! That mustard dress is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it with us.


I love buying petite clothes especially pants! It's life changing haha :)

Did you know that although I am 5'9" i had to buy a petite maxiskirt because thatvwas the onlybkind available and I wanted it so badly? I had to go for 2 sizes more than I am but it fits perfectly!

yes im freakne petite, im only 52 gosh im a migdet

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