YSL's Scented Mascara

YSL has launched their newest beauty must have - the new Volume Effect "Shocking" mascara. This little bundle of joy is actually scented with an incredible floral aroma.
Retail cost is about $30.00 (yeah, more than your normal drug store mascara) but look at it like killing two birds with one stone - you get awesome mascara that also works as perfume!

Are you totally digging this??

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It sounds really pretty, but I don't think I would like anything scented next to my eyes since I'm sensitive around that area! Sounds great though

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I should certainly try it... Although I bet a drugstore brand (perhaps owned by the same company than YSL) will soon make a scented mascara... We haven't seen the end of it ;) Which is even better! I just hope it doesn't make me allergic...
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