Versace + H&M

Versace will hit H&Ms all over the planet with its insanely colorful collection this November 17th.

Are you excited??

Look at the rest of the collection here.
Pics from Vogue France.

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Very much looking foreward to this! I love your etsy shop btw!

Nice collection! I'd like to get that pink dress and the black one after the yellow! :-)

Thanks for your lovely comment! I followed you. I'd be happy if you followed me too! ♥

With all the best

Ahh I love that metallic dress! It looks like a fun collection! :)

sorelle in style

I'm lovin this collection ! I'm really looking forward to try this pink dress on :) <3

that is a whole lot of studs. but i'm loving it.

Chic on the Cheap

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