Elie Saab Le Parfum

Elie Saab's new fragrance is here to bewitch us this fall with warm, silky aromas that combine flowery femininity and that sharp wooden masculinity. It's indeed an incredible mix of scents.

For now it's only available at Saks Fifth Ave and at the Elie Saab website.

Would you love to try it?

3 scribbles:

Oooh this looks and sounds delicious! Thank you for the recommendation, I am going to hunt it down next time I'm in Myers. Love your work pretty! Pop by my blog sometime :) <3

Hey thanks for commenting on my blog! Cute Blog! I would absolutely love to wear this perfume! I am actually looking for a new fragrance, so this is quite helpful!

thanks for your comment on my blog ;*
ahh seems like elie saab is a good recommended fragrance.

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