Song of the Day (Sept. 13, 2011)

Brigitte Bardot - Moi je joue

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Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog...would love to have you as a follower! BTW, where did you get your cool heart badges from (Facebook, Twitter etc) can you send me the URL?????

I adore this song!!! :-) And the Dior video is perfect for it!

lovely post!

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lovely song!!!!!!! brigitte rocks!!!!

I love the song and I love BB!

Thanks for your comment. You have a great blog :)


oh i love bb!!! she is my personal stylegodess!!!! thank u for this post! i´m a new follower now;)
love and kiss,mary

Ever since the Miss dior commercial I fell in love with this song :)


I love BB, she is awesome!that song makes me happy!!


I love the bag too :3
thank you for the invite (;

I love this woman! and the song is marvelous! I listen to who art once in a row
I'm sorry that my English is not too good

Thanks so much for your kinda comment back on my blog.

It would be fantastic if we could follow each other :)

I have facebook and twitter too!

I could dance all day to this song! Good vibes coming! <3

Thank you for commenting on my blog! Very much appreciated :) I love this song, and this ad, one of my faves. xx

Thanks for looking and comment at my blog!
I love BB! This song is so cute!!!

I love this song! It's so cheerful, it never gets old!
Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! :)

hi dear
thanks for sharing. i really like this song.
hope you're having a good week

she was so wonderful!!! <3 nice post. thanks for your comment, honey! yes, we can follow each other. i'm following you now. please follow back. wish you a wonderful day.
maren anita

great post :)

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