Miss Dior Cherie Review

Seriously, who needs to tell you that anything Dior is wonderful and totally worthy of the $70+ it goes on for at stores?
However, it is just so important, imperative in fact, that I just have to share my experience with this whimsical fragrance.
No, I don't own a sweet little bottle yet but; it definitely captivated my heart one lazy afternoon walking by a girl in the main entrance of JCPenny's. She was holding out samples and, I almost walked passed her when I realized the perfume she spraying...
An aroma so rich took over, a hint of Jasmin then, some citrus. This fruity and floral scent was mesmerizing...

Did you fall in love with Miss Dior Cherie?

2 scribbles:

of course!!!! miss dior cherie + daisy from marc jacobs are 2 of my favorite perfumes!!!!! they smell like heaven and their bottles are eye candy!!!!!

I LOVE the 2005 formula but the new 2011 version is AWFUL! Please go to the Dior website to complain and ask them to bring back the 2005 formula!!!

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