Fashion's Night Out 2011

For those that are stuck in a very boring town (like me) I completely share your pain. Now, the most incredible international fashion event was taking place in NYC but just because we don't live there, doesn't mean we have an excuse to not know what was going on.

Everyone who is anyone in the fashion industry made their way to the celebration. Glee stars Lea Michelle & Ryan Murphy judged a talent show, Nicki Minaj hung out at Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang and Diane Von Furstenburg were some of t he designers there and even Justin Bieber showed up.

To check out more pics and 411 on the coolest night ever, click here.

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hey! thanx for commenting!
amazing blog! follow you right now! hope you follow me back! :)

what an amazing blog - LOVE your layout... thanks for sharing all these bomb photos =D

I love these pictures. I was stuck at home as well. I was even invited to the Giuseppe Zanotti party in NY and couldn't make it. Sadness. I loved looking at these pictures. Great blog. Now following. xo

Thanks for the sweet comment on my fashion blog. I would love for you to stop by Fash Boulevard again soon.


Lovely blog- love the quote of the day! FNO NYC looks great, wish I had been able to go to the London one! x

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