Big Bags - Street Style Trend Alert

Street Style Trend Alert - Big Bags
Big Bag: a purse that can handle a lot of hassle yet is the perfect compliment for either day or night.

How to: It's Fall people, and like we have so many things to carry (like our umbrella or rain coat) big bags make their comeback. So, dig out that fave Aldo number you've got from the back of your closet and wear, wear, wear!

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I love that mink-coloured bag! I daren't get a big bag because I tend to fill it with all sorts of junk and lug it everywhere! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog about the cards by the way, nice to meet you! Have a nice day!

There were lots of big bags at LFW yesterday too - I love them!!

thanks for the lovely comment dear <3 those bags are amazing, love your blog! :D

follow me if you love to and i'll follow you back :)

loooove the 2nd bag! :D

Hey !
I love that Celine bag, it would be perfect for me 'cause I tend to carry my house with me :)


i love big bags..


Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I like to use a big bag all year round, I carry everything with me haha xxx

i love big bags too well the problem is that then i´m always carring the whole flat around with me haha
love and kiss,mary

Love love love this post! You are fabulous for style! Please check out my newest fashion post and give me some of that stylish feedback of yours! xxx

cute blog!!!
thank so much for your comment on my last post: if u want we can follow each other!
have a grat Sunday!

love these bags!

I love that Celine bag- its so hot right now and so cool!

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